April 19th, 2024

As you know, our server has been down since April 9th.

We requested to reboot the server on day 9 and the response arrived
on April 10th telling us to check if the server was ok.
We don't know why they didn't check, the fact is
the server remained down.

We responded to the ticket saying no, the server was still down and the
following day (April 11), we asked if there were any other problems which we were unaware of.

They didn't respond for another two days and then told us that the
server was blocked for spam and we had to change provider:
As you can see there are no spam problems related to the
our IP ( on that page.

We therefore asked to be able to access at least the hourly backups
that we have on a different cloud without success.

We have been renting servers with the same provider for 9 years and we have
never had any major problems with them. Their support is always
been collaborative, even if it has deteriorated slightly in recent times.

We still don't understand what we did that was so serious to deny us access to
server or our backups. After those messages we requested again every day
to at least provide us with the server backup which was vital to be able to resume
to operate but for now we have not received a response.

We are really frustrated and angry with these people who undermined
our decades of work seriously. In the same way we understand yours
frustration and we assure you that we are really doing everything to
recover our data to be able to restart our journey with you elsewhere.

There are no words to describe their attitude, even admitting
spam is communicated to the customer giving the opportunity to refute any
false reports or changing business model does not close a server
without reasons and/or notice, we therefore decided to take legal action against the provider.

We don't know how it will end but we are determined to assert our reasons.

We will keep you posted